Find inspirational lighting ideas for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living space, and for your garden, deck and outdoor areas amongst these pages. Lighting is now an essential part of any architectural or landscape design, and is fundamental to creating atmosphere in both residential and commercial applications. Whilst functional considerations are critical, balance these with attention to form, material, style and character. And never forget that ultimately your focus should be the illumination, not just the fitting. So be inspired by our range of projects, articles, and case studies to help you achieve your own beautifully lit spaces.

Hairdressers >

Bringing true colours to light

Creating a desired ambiance >

Colours have a huge impact on ambiance, even shades of white make a difference

Grafit >

Using LED lights in a contemporary building

Victoriabank >

Grupul Banca Transilvania

Summa >

The beauty is in the details

Layering Lighting >

Everything you need to know about creating beautifully lit spaces

Uniformed >

A full lighting design was specified for this impressive venue

Aep Revital >

We are ready to accept challenges

Residence >

An eclectic mix of classic and contemporary

Cosmopolitan >

Feature lighting can transform an outdoor space

Villa >

Lighting up a triumph of modern architecture

Local >

Create simply stunning effects

Climatec >

Showroom lighting

Meathouse >

The glow in the rustic style

Robertino >

Original features are brought to life with a little help from modern lighting techniques

Zoom auto >

Power of light

Contemporary Kitchen >

Natural white for a modern kitchen


Create the ultimate relaxing ambiance